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JOMAD 7: French for Synchrotron

November 18th, 2011

JOMAD I heard you like science textbooks? We talk with Perth’s Phill English about fertility twitter bots, Jad Abumrad’s debt to us, Cosmos magazine, breaking physics, Thai cocktail science, Phill getting poisoned by his chemistry PhD, Albury-Wodongan funding grifters, bleeding nipples, William Gibson: three and a half stars, Zadie Smith’s autograph-based drama, a literary ending for flying wombats, ‘I like a good photo’, Train’s hit single ‘Storm Clouds on Jupiter’ and Apple’s hot new product, the iHYLB.

2 Responses

  1. Duncan says:

    Walking, en-route to work, about halfway through listening to this episode, the merry banter made me laugh heartily, a sudden loud outburst of “HA!” at the very instant a somewhat portly woman did cycle past me. I hope she didn’t think I was scoffing at her. If I see her again I’ll be sure to shout “JoMad! iHYLB!” and she’ll be sure to understand.

  2. Maddie says:

    We definitely encourage randomly shouting both JoMad and iHYLB at people. Especially in Canberra.

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