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about reading, writing
and friendship.

With Johannes Jakob
and Madeleine Crofts.

JOMAD 12: Buff Point, Weep Hard

March 11th, 2012

We’re joined by Voiceworks poetry editor, Daniel Hogan. We get really, really specific about the sexually aggressive geography of the Central Coast. We also talk about watermelon fights, Terry Pratchett, Agatha Christie’s degenerating vocabulary, Chris Flynn’s Tiger in Eden, Google ebook privacy, the serial pest, guarding against demons, China Mieville’s The City & The City, mean neighbours, kind neighbours, and neighbours that steal lemons and underwear.

4 Responses

  1. Amber says:

    You guys, I see so many mafia metro men on the bus. Also plain clothed, which is tricksy. Great podcast! /fangirls

  2. The OTHER Madeleine says:

    Das Racist reference at 31:50?

  3. […] few hours spare before my day starts. I’m playing dumb facebook games while listening to Jomad, I Heard You Like Books. I’m unwell, I’m full of snot. I was drinking coffee and they discussed people talking […]

  4. There is some kind of website, I can’t remember what it is, that lists fruit trees that overhang the property line. Because it’s legal to take fruit off trees that hang over a fence or border.

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