A homemade podcast
about reading, writing
and friendship.

With Johannes Jakob
and Madeleine Crofts.

JOMAD 21: Kickstart Jason

September 16th, 2012

Starring Davina Bell, editor and writer at Penguin, co-founder of harvest. Topics include the death of the British bee, ballet, tasty Anna Pavlova, dad in a dress, utilikilt, kickstart Jason in Queensland, harvest magazine, books as objects, Cluedo lit, Hungry Hungry Hippos, domain name speculation, Don Delillo’s Point Omega, Goodreads, Gerald Murnane’s A History of Books, Maddie getting a real job, Ruby Murray’s Running Dogs, The Tall Man, The Power of the Introvert, confronting content in children’s books, Animorphs, Community, The West Wing, boarding schools and island schools.

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