A homemade podcast
about reading, writing
and friendship.

With Johannes Jakob
and Madeleine Crofts.

JOMAD 23: Bruce Willis Ghost Canon

December 3rd, 2012

With our spectacular guest, writer and dress-wearer Lorelei Vashti. TOPICS: Hydration timeout, Dress Memory, sit at home and sigh, writing a long thing, moving to the country, volunteer firefighting, amounts of stuff, writing your name in books, Amy Espeseth’s Sufficient Grace, pinky swear to underline, George Plimpton’s Truman Capote biography, Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, ghost sex, mood spoilers, James Bond jokes, Wayne Macauley’s The Cook, Redfern Now and cryptic crosswords.

JOMAD 22: The Elemental Augerer

October 7th, 2012

We speak to Amy Espeseth, publisher, academic, American and author. Subjects include: two swans, fat, Wisconsin, working nature, reading the last page, aphorisms, Sufficient Grace, weather changes everywhere, meteorology school, Australians and snow, Hugh Grant duality, Moneyball, Anita Heiss, life coaches, Deborah Robertson, National Young Writers Festival, Stuff White People Like, Kristy Chambers, empathy, The 100 Story Building, gifting books, interviews by letter and how it feels really good for someone to touch your scalp.

JOMAD 21: Kickstart Jason

September 16th, 2012

Starring Davina Bell, editor and writer at Penguin, co-founder of harvest. Topics include the death of the British bee, ballet, tasty Anna Pavlova, dad in a dress, utilikilt, kickstart Jason in Queensland, harvest magazine, books as objects, Cluedo lit, Hungry Hungry Hippos, domain name speculation, Don Delillo’s Point Omega, Goodreads, Gerald Murnane’s A History of Books, Maddie getting a real job, Ruby Murray’s Running Dogs, The Tall Man, The Power of the Introvert, confronting content in children’s books, Animorphs, Community, The West Wing, boarding schools and island schools.

JOMAD 20: Memoirable

September 2nd, 2012

We talk to Benjamin Law, author of Gaysia, and surprisingly things get a bit gross. We talk about ARC email funnels, schnitzel vagina rolls, the Q&A green room with Germaine Greer, teenage acting training, Marieke Hardy, writing Gaysia, accidental ladyboy bulges in Thailand, sham marriages in China, chocolate lips, Jonathan Glover, Michael Grant, portmanteau grandmas, Kristy Chambers, Caitlin Moran, dogs eating used sanitary pads, carry-on giraffe heads, healthy Harold, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Rollex penis, parks, kicking apart furniture and the vagina whisperer.

JOMAD 19: Test Kitchen

August 26th, 2012

We go into the test kitchen with Alice Grundy, editor of Seizure magazine and managing editor at Giramondo. Talking points: Zs have been a problem in my life, Gerald Murnane, Fifty Shades of I Don’t Care, Potter spanks, Gillian Flynn, The Shire, big reading obstacles, vitamin YA, Helen Garner, Alexis Wright, cocoon on a plane, losing at Wriron Chef, shortfalls of the clapometer, parmesan in a can, cookbook times, Siri Hustvedt, Dave Eggers, finger weight loss program, germometer rating, Helen DeWitt, John Green, finding dinner at a reasonable time and ESPN ESP.

JOMAD 18: Friend Horse

August 5th, 2012

With Melbourne Writers Festival director Steve Grimwade! We talk about passive working, perfecting the tortilla press, The New Yorker, using your kids to find your passport, political cartoons, how to stop reading something, Majok Tulba’s Beneath A Darkening Sky again, Kalinda Ashton’s The Danger Game, books that capture Melbourne, Cath Crowley’s Graffiti Moon, Karen Russel’s Swamplandia!, Pulitzer controversy, alligators and your least favourite limb, The Newsroom, KYDYAC, Marsden on Marsden, Luck, Adventure Time and buying a share in a friend horse.

JOMAD 17: Chronically Kids

July 2nd, 2012

Great craic as we talk to Chris Flynn, author of A Tiger in Eden, about quitting horrible call centre jobs, eating fingers, not missing articles in titles, loyalist Buffy: IRA Hunter, redrafting, freaks and inverse alopecia, the glory of The X-Files, Mae Lin the postal worker, Anna Funder, risky and ambitious writing, Don DeLillo, Timothy Conigrave making us incredibly sad, Majok Tulba and African-Australian literature, distressing books, Dave Eggers, Cher, movie and book trailers, and why Speed makes no sense on a plane.

JOMAD 16: Megalopolis vs Godzilla

June 6th, 2012

Recorded live at the Emerging Writers’ Festival, we combine podcast powers with Sam Twyford-Moore from The Rereaders. Our guest is Karen Pickering. We talk podcast origins, hots tubs are soup for your genitals, The Emerging Writer anthology Karen edited, a community of anxiety sufferers, the hegemony of the left, women in theatre, ten minutes noisy reading, deciding what not to read and watch, Sacha Baron Cohen, Facebook friends with the FBI, Feminist Idol, HHhH, Dick Pound and the Woodsmen, Jeanette Winterson and is Lena Dunham’s Girls the mirror we all deserve?

JOMAD 15: Show Us Your Tube

May 27th, 2012

Our steely podcast gaze turns to Sam Cooney, editor of The Lifted Brow. Topics: Maru, Skybus, portmanteaus, Christian Marclay’s The Clock, doomsday insurance, hosting panels, morse code questions for a different Sam, the future of the Brow, Margo Lanagan’s Sea Hearts, worlds in conflict, Ryan O’Neill’s experimental short stories, identity dissonance in the digital age, information overload, outsourced emotions, Minesweeper the movie, ear wax, Westside Writers’ Group and doing a swimmer from a water taxi.

JOMAD 14: Non Secateurs

May 15th, 2012

We’re joined by feminist writer, commentator and tweeter Clementine Ford. We talk about Golden Globe doubles, award thank yous, Junior III, Murakami recipes, Wittgenstein’s Mistress, Caitlin Moran’s How To Be a Woman, Half The Sky, Julian Fellowes, telegram questions, internet flamewars and trolls, not curing youth, green screen holidays, Veronica Roth’s Divergent, ladies in Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Twilight, Roller Derby and our upcoming frienemesis podcast collab!